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Farmer Spotlight: Monte Vista, Honduras

Soulful Coffee Meets Monte Vista

A few years ago at the Specialty Coffee Expo in New Orleans. There, Jason Parkhouse, the Founder of Soulful Coffee Roasters, met Juan Hipp Jr. who opened his eyes to a whole new world of coffee: the direct trade relationship.

Juan Hipp Jr. came all the way from his father's coffee farm in Honduras. This farm, Monte Vista, isn't just a business, but a core part of their Honduran community of Santa Barbara.

Charmaine (Left), Juan Jr. (Center), and Allan (Right)

In the 1960s Juan Hipp Sr. purchased land on the high altitude, mahogany and cedar filled mountains of Santa Barbara, where the microclimate is optimal for coffee. After three generations, the coffee this land produces has been the passion and livelihood of many families and surrounding villages.

Quality over Quantity

Doing business with Monte Vista was an obvious choice for Jason, who saw that their focus on relationships and personal touch were central to how they do business. This perfectly aligns with how Jason chooses to do business.

Monte Vista gave Jason an opportunity: not only to do business, but develop a lasting friendship with the people who grow and process the coffee that he receives.

Being in direct contact with the Hipp family also gives Jason a lot more information that he can use to further refine the meticulous art of Coffee Roasting. Between discussing weather conditions at Monte Vista, recent coffee tastings, and innovating coffee processing developments, Jason is able to dial in his roasts to enhance the complex flavor profiles of each bag of coffee he sells, and his customers notice the difference.

"At the Monte Vista Farm we have never compromised for quantity." - Juan Hipp Sr.

Serving the Santa Barbara Community

Monte Vista farm has was established with the intention of giving back to the community and beautiful country that has allowed them to flourish as a coffee farm.

Juan Jr. handing out gifts to the grade school students of Santa Barbara.

Monte Vista serves their community by providing fair employment opportunities, donating electric and water utility to surrounding communities, as well as contributing to local educational organizations.

Try our Directly Sourced Monte Vista Coffee!

Our Honey Processed Honduras Coffee is smooth, sweet, with an essence of pineapple and coca-cola.

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